Let your

confidence shine, you pretty girl.

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About Me

Hey Babes!!

I've been in the beauty industry since 2013 and it's been amazing! I'm all about "lived in" color, long haired babes and silky shiny soft hair. There are four words that encompass me as a stylist + person.


I have a servants heart and always put others first.

This gives me such j o y. 


I have a d e e p desire for relationships. I genuinely like getting to know the people sitting in my chair. Building a relationship on communication & trust is highly important to me.


Man do I value time in general & I love that I get to choose where my time is spent. I feel truly blessed when others choose to spend their time in my chair. 


I feel like this transcends in the previous three, how?

I want to create an environment where clients can come be. Where I can serve on you + create relationships with my clients and all built upon by creating the time to do so. 

Gorgeous hair?! Well, that's the bonus.



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