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I've been in the beauty industry since 2013! 

I'm all about that lived in look, textured + tousled haired babe with or without extensions.

four words that encompass me as a stylist + person.


I have a servants heart and always put others first.

brings me j o y



I have a d e e p desire for relationships (you GOTTa friend in me) I genuinely like getting to know my guests and Building a relationship on communication & trusT, THIS is highly important.



Man do I value t I m e in general & I love that I get to choose where my time is spent. I feel truly blessed when others choose to spend their time in my chair. 



my mission is to create an environment where guests can come b e. Where I can serve on you + create relationships with you in the time we share together. 

Gorgeous hair?! Well, that's the bonus.



- z e I n a


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